Fitness a rabais offers a wide selection of residential and commercial treadmills for sale from the best brands. For all those who wish to practice a sporting activity at home, the treadmill is part of the adapted equipment allowing to work the whole body. As long as satisfactory results occur quickly, the treadmill will quickly become your new ally!

Foldable treadmill

Whatever your age or body type, the folding treadmill will adapt to your needs. Equipped with different programs and functions, Fitness À Rabais folding treadmills will satisfy you. It’s up to you to schedule your session in order to work your muscles in depth or develop your endurance. Ideal for losing weight and strengthening your body, the electric folding treadmill has long proven its effectiveness and convenience for home workouts.
The treadmill is an inevitable part of taking care of your body. Weight loss, muscle toning or even endurance benefits, anything is possible. Our treadmills can be used by the whole family, allowing you to exercise quickly at home. Whether it’s raining, snowing, or dark, nothing will stop your cardio. Training at home is a real asset in order to reach these goals quickly.

Very efficient, the treadmill can be foldable / foldable

tilting or even connected depending on the model. With a speed ranging from 0-16 km / h, 22 km / h or more, relaxed crosscountrys or intense interval sessions are yours. The pre-recorded training programs on the connected Ifit screen increase motivation whether you are a beginner or an expert. By training in your home gym, you gain productivity by saving time.

With electric treadmills and an innovative cushioning system, you can vary the intensity, the muscles worked while preserving your joints during the stride. It is therefore no longer a mystery that the treadmill is one of the best-selling fitness equipment in the world.

Delivery of treadmills

Fitness À Rabais gives you efficient delivery. You can also benefit from secure online payment and quality after-sales service.

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