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Air bike

Air Bike is a full-body workout equipment and is a great option for those who are into CrossFit. Basically, an Air Bike is a cross between a regular exercise bike and an elliptical bike.
The Air Bike can allow the top and lower part of the body to be worked out simultaneously and at the same time get the heart rate up. It is also a good tool for a HIIT workout.
This fitness tool can be a mean fat burning machine when used right. It is also a stationary bike but it is less expensive that the other types.

Brief Information About Air Bike
Air Bikes allow the creation of resistance by pedalling and are not pre-programmed.
The speed of the pedalling generates more resistance when used. Multiple workouts using this exercise equipment is possible. It provides low impact workout and is great for beginners and experienced.
There are compact and foldable Air Bikes. This workout equipment may be available in different weights. Some are adjustable too.
Other air bikes are built with the technology to monitor cardio rate, distance, and time.
Health Benefits of Air Bike

Physical Therapy or Rehabilitation
Total Body Workout
HIIT Exercise
Weight Loss
Avoid Chronic Health Conditions
Increases Mental Cognition
Strengthen Muscles

Where to Buy the Best Air Bike in Canada
Get the best Air Bike from Fitness A Rabais. Visit the Laval and Longueuil branches located at 1550 Rue Jaffa Laval, Quebec H7P 4K9 and 321 Rue Lawrence Greenfield Park, Quebec J4V 2Z5.

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At Fitness A Rabais, we offer a wide selection of workout equipment including Air Bikes.
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