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A SkiErg commercial is a piece of gym equipment that simulates cross-country skiing.

It consists of two poles attached to a flywheel, which provides resistance.

The machine is adjustable to accommodate different fitness levels and allows users to perform a variety of upper body exercises.


The SkiErg works by mimicking the motions of cross-country skiing.

The user stands in front of the machine and grasps the poles with their hands, then pulls the poles down towards the hips, simulating the double-pole motion of skiing.

The flywheel provides resistance, which can be adjusted to make the exercise easier or more challenging.


There are two main types of SkiErg commercial: the Performance SkiErg and the SkiErg 2.

The Performance SkiErg uses a flywheel resistance system and is ideal for high-intensity interval training, while the SkiErg 2 has a fan flywheel and is designed for more traditional ski training.

Both types offer unique benefits and features, allowing users to choose the one that best suits their fitness goals and preferences.

The Performance SkiErg that uses a flywheel resistance system and is perfect for high-intensity interval training.

The SkiErg 2 that has a fan flywheel and is designed for more traditional ski training.

  • The Performance SkiErg is excellent for building upper body strength, endurance, and power and is commonly used by athletes and fitness enthusiasts.
  • The SkiErg 2 is suitable for cross-country skiers and people looking to simulate the movements of skiing to improve their technique.
  • Both types of SkiErg machines offer unique benefits and features, and the choice ultimately comes down to personal preference and fitness goals.


Using a SkiErg commercial is an effective way to improve overall health and fitness.

This machine offers a low-impact exercise that provides numerous health benefits, including cardiovascular fitness, upper body strength and endurance, calorie burning, improved balance and coordination, and reduced risk of joint injury.

Using a SkiErg commercial offers many health benefits, including:

  • Using a SkiErg commercial provides various health benefits such as:
  • Improved cardiovascular fitness
  • Increased upper body strength and endurance
  • Efficient calorie burning
  • Low-impact exercise that minimizes the risk of joint injury
  • Enhanced balance and coordination
  • It can also improve overall posture and flexibility, making it an excellent addition to any workout routine.


Yes, the SkiErg is worth it for those looking for a challenging full-body workout that can improve cardiovascular fitness, upper body strength and endurance, and overall coordination and balance.


SkiErg and rowing are both excellent full-body workouts that engage multiple muscle groups simultaneously.

While both exercises provide a great cardiovascular workout, the SkiErg can be considered more intense and challenging compared to rowing.

This is because the SkiErg primarily focuses on the upper body, specifically the arms, shoulders, and back muscles, whereas rowing engages the legs, core, and upper body.

The motion of the SkiErg can be more challenging for some individuals, as it requires a more controlled and coordinated movement of the arms and shoulders.

This can lead to quicker fatigue and a higher heart rate compared to rowing.

However, it’s worth noting that both exercises can be adjusted to different levels of difficulty, and ultimately, the level of intensity and difficulty will depend on the individual’s fitness level and goals.

Regardless of which exercise you choose, both the SkiErg and rowing provide excellent full-body workouts that can improve cardiovascular fitness, increase muscle strength and endurance, and burn calories effectively.


SkiErg commercial machines can be purchased from fitness equipment stores, online retailers, or directly from manufacturers.

At Fitness à Rabais, we offer a range of commercial SkiErg machines at our Montreal and Laval locations, as well as online.


If you have any questions about SkiErg commercial machines or need assistance in choosing the right equipment for your gym or fitness center, please contact our specialists at 1 866-858-9702.

Our team of experts is always ready to help you make the best decision for your business.