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Fitness À Rabais offers a wide selection of gym flooring that are not only intended for gym purposes, these surfaces are also suitable for different types of installations at home, in arenas, ice rinks, outdoors and much more. others. We guarantee our customers that they will get value for their money with our high-quality and durable floor coverings of all kinds – from yoga mats, artificial turfs, rubberized mats, to sports floor tiles, Fitness À Rabais has everything for you!


Investing in equipment and flooring is equally important. If you are a gym owner or want to create your own fitness center at home, you should not focus only on purchasing equipment, because good flooring has many benefits. One of its huge benefits is that it reduces the risk of potential injuries. There are many unforeseen circumstances that lead to injuries simply because of uneven ground or slippery flooring. With the right surface for your installation, you can prevent this from happening. Flooring also absorbs the weight of your equipment like benches and other machines to protect the subfloor. It also minimizes the impact of heavy equipment and ensures the safety of your installation. Fitness À Rabais is committed to helping its customers and giving the best advice on the most appropriate flooring for their respective installations. We are just a call away, contact us now for orders or inquiries.