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Racks Squat Equipment - a piece of body-building equipment that is designed for lifters.

It's difficult to master squats. Wanna make it perfect? Wanna build muscles, too? You are looking for a Squat Rack. Keep scrolling and know what it is. 

Why use Squat Rack?

The main purpose of Squat Rack is to help you in weight lifting. It acts as your guide as you slowly progress with heavier and heavier weights. It doesn't only allow you to do squats and bench press but permits you to do activities safely. 

What exercises can be done on a Squat Rack? 

You can perfect squats through a squat rack. The following are squats exercises with weights ideal for your body to form and build muscles, too :

  1. back squat
  2. front squat
  3. box squat
  4. partial squat
  5. bench pressing
  6. overhead press
  7. barbell lunges
  8. dips
  9. knee raises

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