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Plate Loaded Incline Lever Row

$1,750.00 CAD $2,799.99
SKU: FAR7471

--Cuir de haute qualité,
--Haute qualité, haute précision, ultra-silencieux, longue durée de vie,
--Tube de rangement pour poids cloche,
--Poids net (LB) : 198 LB,
--Dimensions (L*L*H(po)) : 72*45*47,
--Pile de poids (LB) : N/A,
--Type d'emballage : boîte en bois.

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Hand Loaded Incline Rower

The Addict fitness™ Incline Rower's unique pivoting handle design maintains proper wrist and arm position throughout the full range of motion, while the dual-level foot supports accommodate users of different heights. sizes. Backed by an extended warranty, the incline rower is ideal for equipping any weight room, leisure center, apartment complex or professional gym.

The incline rower incorporates a pivoting handle design to maintain correct wrist and arm position during exercise. With two levels of foot supports, the machine can accommodate users of various heights. The incline rower can be customized regarding the frame and all welds.

The Incline Rower is an essential training tool for targeting your lats and mid-back. Incline Bar Rows and T-Rows are two excellent mid-back developers that share the same flaw: the lumbar spine tires quickly from maintaining a static contraction, limiting both the amount of weight you can use and the number of repetitions you can perform.

This lower back fatigue is exacerbated if you perform rows on the same day as deadlifts, a typical training setup for those who like to include a "back" day in their weekly routine. With the lower back already fatigued from deadlifts, training loads must be significantly reduced for any type of standing row movement - a less than ideal trade-off.

  • High quality leather
  • Non-slip and wear-resistant, comfortable and durable.
  • Storage tube for bell weights.
  • Made of stainless steel, resistant to corrosion and impacts.
  • Gas spring cushion.
  • Precision steel tube, thickened cylinder, sturdy and durable.
  • Imported bearings.
  • High quality, high precision, ultra-quiet, long life.

Specifications table:

Product Model

Product Name

Net Weight


Weight Stack

Package Type


L*W* H(in)


Incline Lever Row




Wooden Box

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