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Plate Loaded Arm Press Back

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--Poids net (LB) : 295 LB,
--Dimensions (L*L* H(po)) : 74*56*55,
--Pile de poids (KG) : N/A,
--Type d'emballage : boîte en bois.

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Hand-Loaded Arm Press for Back

Addict fitness™ hand-loaded strength series is a professional equipment for gyms, which adopts 501003mm flat oval tube as the frame, mainly for high-end gyms. range.

The Addict fitness™ Back Arm Press Trainer replicates the versatile historic exercise performed with the barbell or dumbbells with a full range of motion, synergistically activating the pectoral and back muscles.

  1. Suspension bar: 50mm wide suspension bar, usable with several brands of dumbbell plates. Large 50mm hanging bar, using several brands of barbell plates. You can place the number of dumbbell plates according to your own needs, making training more flexible.
  2. Seat adjustment: Complicated air spring seat system demonstrating its high-end quality, comfortable and strong.
  3. Thickened Q235 steel tube: The main frame is a flat oval tube of 501003mm, which allows the equipment to support more weight.
  4. Workout: As a beginner, start with at least two sets of 8 repetitions and increase the strength and resistance as you progress.

Avoid the machine if you experience shoulder pain. Remember that the exercise involves stretching the shoulder joints. If you have insufficient shoulder flexibility, you could end up straining your back, leading to injury.

Use the machine for its intended purpose. Remember, the pullover machine is great for toning the back muscles, primarily the lats, and rarely affects the biceps. If your fitness goal is to get shapely biceps, then include the rowing exercise in your fitness routine.

Always consult a doctor or fitness expert before starting this program. If you have a recent injury or medical condition, obtain professional advice before beginning.

As a general guide, start small, with minimal resistance, light weight, and shorter sessions, and work your way up as you gain experience.

Specifications table:

Product Model

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Weight Stack

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L*W* H(in)


Arm Press Back




Wooden Box

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