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What is a Bar Support?

Also known as an S-bar, is a piece of equipment that provides support for weightlifting exercises. It is commonly used during squats, bench presses, and other exercises that require a stable base of support for the barbell.

How Does the Equipment Work?

A bar support consists of two vertical posts with a horizontal bar connecting them. The bar is adjustable, allowing it to be set at the appropriate height for the lifter.

The lifter positions the bar support under the barbell, ensuring that the barbell is at the correct height for the exercise

This provides a stable base of support for the barbell during weightlifting exercises, reducing the risk of injury and allowing the lifter to perform exercises safely and effectively.

Health Benefits of Using a Bar Support

Weightlifting is a popular form of exercise that can help to build strength, muscle mass, and overall fitness. However, it is important to ensure that weightlifting exercises are performed safely to avoid injury. Using a bar support can be an effective way to prevent injuries and improve form during weightlifting exercises, providing a stable base of support for the barbell.

  • Prevents injuries during weightlifting exercises
  • Provides a stable base of support for the barbell, reducing the risk of tipping or falling
  • Improves form and technique for safe and effective exercise performance

Where to Buy Bar Supports

If you are looking to purchase a bar support in Canada, Fitness à rabais is a great option. We offer a range of high-quality at affordable prices, with locations in Montreal and Laval. You can also browse and purchase our products online through our website.

Contact Our Specialist

At Fitness à Rabais, our gym equipment specialists can assist you in finding the right bar support for your needs. Contact us today for more information on our selection of gym equipment.