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Weight training bench

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Weight Training Bench

A weight training bench will allow you to do real workouts at home. Folding weight bench, to multi-position benches, to a flat bench, bench press or incline bench, you will be spoiled for choice. Choosing the right weight bench allows you to effectively work your biceps, triceps, pectorals, abdominals and even shoulders. It provides a complete workout and access to a variety of strength training exercises.

For small spaces, a foldable inclined declining flat bench is perfect. Thanks to its many positions, you can work all muscle groups.
For work with a weight bar, a bench with a candle will allow you to train heavy with maximum safety. This quality equipment makes it possible to target several objectives: mass gain, muscle gain, development of muscle mass, muscle strengthening, toning, weight loss. Work out at home and get as much results as in the weight room.

Complete your body fitness equipment in your home or on your gym business with a weight training bench from Fitness À Rabais. The said store is offering a certain type of bench that is perfect for your needs. 

Why on Earth you should use a workout bench?

Serious or not about weight lifting, workout benches have the right to have a place in your home gym. They are exceptional body fitness tools that will allow you to lift heavy weights safely. 

What exercises can you do with a Bench?

There is a sheer amount of exercise you can do on a bench. Just and decide whether you use a barbell or a dumbbell to work every muscle of your upper body or even some on your lower body and you can even do exercise on it with nothing tools at all. Just simply lie down and do some sit ups.

The following are some of the exercises you can do on a bench:

  1. Barbell Bench Press
  2. Back Dumbbell Row/Chest Supported Dumbbell Row
  3. Arms Seated Dumbbell Hammer Curl/Lying Dumbbell Tricep Extension
  4. Core Decline Bench Sit-Ups/Reverse Crunch on a Bench

With Fitness À Rabais, your body fitness goal is achievable. 

To get to your desired aim, Fitness À Rabais gives exclusive offers and is equipped to help. For hassle-free payment and distinctive services, Fitness À Rabais is just one click away.