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Pourquoi sommes-nous le meilleur magasin d’équipement de gym au Québec?

Un mode de vie sain ne signifie pas seulement manger sainement. Il est également obtenu en transpirant vos excès de graisse, en construisant et en tonifiant vos muscles, en façonnant votre corps et en régulant tout ce qui se trouve à l’intérieur de votre corps, comme la pression artérielle, l’insuline et bien d’autres!

A903 Dumbbell Rack
A903 Dumbbell Rack
A903 Dumbbell Rack
A903 Dumbbell Rack


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Fitness Equipment

Why we are the Best Gym Equipment Store in Quebec?

A healthy lifestyle doesn’t only mean eating the right kind of food. It is also achieved through sweating out your excess fats, building and toning muscles, shaping your body, and regulating anything inside your body such as blood pressure, insulin, and many more!


It is achieved through hard work and dedication.

Choosing the right fitness equipment company in Quebec can be frustrating and quite confusing since there are innumerable companies who are selling fitness equipment.

So who should you trust?

Trust only those who have the expertise, quality equipment and best price offer!

You got it all in Fitness À Rabais, your partner on getting sexier, healthier, and becoming the best YOU!

So, here are some of the Fitness Equipment that will surely help you to achieve whatever purpose you have:

  1. Jog, walk and run off calories with Treadmill. There are certain kinds of Treadmills suitable for your needs. A treadmill could be Residential or Commercial. Choose the Commercial if you want a heavy-duty kind. A Treadmill could also be foldable or not. Consider the space where you want to position it. If you have a spacious one, choose a non-folding treadmill. But in case you want a challenging kind of treadmill, there’s a curved one. Curve Treadmill is non-motorized allowing you to move on your feet to execute walk, jog, or even run.
  2. Experience the feeling of biking yet safer in your home gym and still achieving your fitness goal with a Stationary Exercise Bike! There are two to choose from. For a more consistent workout, go for an Upright Stationary Bike. It allows the user to have an upright body giving you more of an arm workout. Nevertheless, pick a Recumbent Stationary Bike for a comfortable and friendly to use equipment reason it is recommended to people who have neurological and movement conditions.
  3. Some equipment makes your joints feel awful but on this equipment, you can say goodbye to those aches! Lose weight with this joint-friendly equipment yet excellent in building muscles Ellipticals. It could be an Elliptical Trainer or Elliptical Bike. Whatever you choose, listen to your heart, to your needs, to your guts, and to your pocket!
  4. Row, Row. Row yourself gently down the gym with a Rowing Machine. Rowing workouts give many benefits. It can boost stamina and overall fitness and strength including making the heart healthy. It can also improve immune system function, mood, and even provide a calming, meditative effect on the mind due to its repetitive, low-impact movement and sounds. Indeed, rowing is not just on the stream but also in the gym.
  5. Position your feet and pedal the calories away with Spinning Bikes! Spinning Bikes give you a cycling experience in a safe place at your home gym. It gives a full-body workout, effective at strengthening the hips, thighs, calves, abs, and shoulders. Spinning Bikes keep you safe while enjoying achieving your body fitness goal!
  6. Performing countless exercises on space-efficient body fitness equipment, Multi-Station. Multi-Station allows two or three gym-goers to use the said equipment at the same time. Just think how fun it is! You are not just achieving a fit body but also developing friendship and motivation. With Multi-Station, perform multiple exercises on a single, same machine!

There are innumerable fitness accessories to choose from. It depends upon you which one you need most or which would attract gym-goers. Remember to consider how much you need the equipment, the price, and the space you have at home or in the gym.
Fitness À Rabais suggests most of the following on your gym:

  1. Jumping Ropes are great calorie burners and yet cheap and handy. Who would have thought it is cardiovascular fitness and can tone your muscles at the same time? Give it a try because why not?
  2. Workout Mats could be Yoga Mat, Puzzle Groundsheet, or a Rubber Mat for Gym. Those mats are functional. Fitness À Rabais assures its durability and availability.
  3. Exercise Balls with Pump is a versatile piece of equipment.

Choosing gym equipment is quite confusing. You have many things to consider. Quality, Durability, name it! Fitness À Rabais located in Montreal has it! Making it the Best Gym Equipment Store in Town!
Fitness À Rabais offers a variety of fitness partners ready to shape your body goal. Any cents spent with Fitness À Rabais is worth spending for! Fitness À Rabais is dedicated to provide affordable, durable, and high-quality gym equipment. It vends fun, easy-to-use, safe, and beneficial equipment to all fitness-conscious people.
If your body needs it, what are you waiting for? Feel free to connect with Fitness À Rabais, the best online gym equipment store in town.