Where to Buy a Smith Machine in Montreal City?

A Smith Machine is a great addition for your home gym or commercial gym if you don’t have it yet! You might also need to replace or upgrade your Smith Machine if you have one already. You need to know where to buy Smith Machine and get the right model for you, your family, team, employees, or clients.

Are you a beginner in weight training, casual trainee, fitness enthusiast, athlete, fitness trainer, or a gym owner? Having the exact Smith Machine to help you with your fitness goals won’t fail you. Smith Machines are popular for many good and different reasons. These machines are built for stability, safety, and ease of use in fitness training.

Smith machines are one of the most popular types of gym equipment. Most of these machines have a self-balancing barbell that provides a stabilized weight. The smith machine comes with guide rods that make it easy to balance the barbell. If you want to work out daily from home, you need to buy a smith machine for your home gym.

Benefits of Buying Smith Machine

One of the best reasons why you should buy a smith machine is that it is safe. Safety is the first thing, right? A Smith Machine has many slots on the frame used to hook the bar to avoid dropping it. If you get into trouble, you just need to twist the barbell to have it hooked onto the frame. A piece of excellent gym equipment should work out all the major muscle groups. That is exactly what smith machines offer. Smith machines also promote good posture to move properly and maintain a good form when exercising.

The Smith Machine is not only ideal for experienced users but also works best for beginners. The fact that these machines are highly secure means they can be used by inexperienced users who may not be skilled in free weight workouts that are associated with heavy weights.

Smith Machines for Sale in Montreal City

Do you want to buy a Smith Machine in Montreal City ? If yes, then please continue reading. We prepared the best Smith Machines for you! Here is a selection of some Smith Machines on sale:


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Home Gym Equipment Smith Machine (Al-M810)

Purchasing this model offers you lots of benefits because Smith Machine helps you to train all your body muscles. In particular, you can perform basic workouts such as low bar pull-up, cable fly, lat pulldown, pushup, standing lat pushdown, pullup, butterfly exercise, barbell squat, Olympic bar rotations, boxing, and barbell deadlift. Besides, you will have more workout options.

This Smith Machine features:

  • An aluminum alloy barbell bar that is durable and attractive than the normal electroplated bar
  • Versatile cable fly to meet the goals of different trainees
  • Several pull up handles to satisfy the training needs of different users
  • A stainless steel sleeve that resists oxidation and enhances the appearance


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Light-Commercial Strength Equipment Smith Machine (AL-3059)

This multifunctional equipment provides endless diversity by offering multiple functions and directions. This is the machine you need to purchase to perform butterfly, pull-up, push-up, barbell deadlift, lat pulldown, standing lat pushdown, cable fly, Olympic bar rotations, boxing, and barbell squat workout.

The features that offer these and other functionalities are:

  • Versatile cable fly to satisfy a variety of training goals
  • Multiple pull up handles to fulfill different users’ arm training needs
  • Upgraded barbell sleeve with stainless steel sleeve for oxidation resistance and aesthetics appearance
  • Upgraded barbell with aluminum alloy bar that is more durable and beautiful than the ordinary bar


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Light-Commercial Strength Equipment Smith Machine (Al-3058)

Smith Machine (Al-3058) is multiple-function equipment. If you have Smith Machine in your home gym, you can perform workouts with many functions and directions.

The model features:

  • Several pull up handles and versatile cable fly to cater to the training needs and goals of different users
  • A stainless steel, upgraded barbell sleeve that resists oxidation and offers an enhanced aesthetics outlook
  • An aluminum alloy barbell bar that is more lasting and beautiful than the usual electroplated bar

With these features, you can achieve the same basic exercises performed using the above smith machines. Besides, this is the right exercise equipment to buy if you want to work out every part of your body.


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Light-Commercial Strength Equipment Smith Machine (Al-3000)

If you are planning to buy a Smith Machine, Al-3000 is another model you should consider. It does not only helps you to exercise all body muscles but also enables trainees to perform various exercises. These include push-ups, standing style bench press, low bar pull, Olympic bar & push-ups, horizontal pulldown, and barbell deadlift.


  • Multiple-angle push up handles
  • Adjustable cable fly that allows users to exercise at different angles
  • Multiple functions to meet the needs and goals of different people

Where to Buy a Smith Machine in Montreal City?

With all these features and capabilities, there is no reason why you should not buy a smith machine for your home gym.

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