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Want to ride a bike while staying at home? Want to use an efficient and incredibly powerful spinning at home? Want to buy a great indoor bike? For either of these cravings, bike-spinning is the inevitable home workout device.

Note that currently there are many models of exercise bikes or spinning bikes. So it’s easy for you to get lost. What solution to easily and quickly find your future home training equipment?

An expert available at all times. The era we live in today is the digital and internet age. This is why consumers and producers, as well as various service providers abound on the internet. Online product comparison services are also part of the package. Which store opted for in order to choose the right exercise bike?

Discount Fitness guides you through the various home sports equipment available in stores or on the internet. We give you the information you need to be able to choose the right spin bike for you. You can also speak with our repairers to ask them for their opinions on trendy or new spinning bike models. This allows you to know the positive and negative points of these models in order to help make the perfect choice.

Price, a determining factor

The price of a spinning bike varies according to many criteria: robustness, comfort, brand, supplier … a low-cost bike will not fail to justify its price to you after a few weeks of use: squeaking, noise and sometimes even malfunction will make you regret having hastily purchased your sports equipment. Then opt for a spinning bike that is not cheap for a safer and more durable use.

An exercise bike for what type of person?

There is a wide selection of spinning bikes on the market. However, the exercise bike can be categorized into two groups: professional bikes and amateur bikes.

  • Athletes who need intense physical preparation will take the power of pedaling as the keystone of their choice. A spinning bike for sportsmen will be designed in such a way as to release the maximum power in the lower muscles. The handlebars moved away from the saddle forcing the user to lean further forward for greater muscle development.
  • For amateurs who need to do cardio exercises, there is a wide range of models intended for this use. These are bikes that offer both comfort and power. Those who use these bikes regularly exercise without actually making it a job, so a bike that addresses multiple back postures will be perfect.
  • Another type of user that is less well known: rehabilitation patients. Wanting to gradually regain the proper use of their lower limb, this type of user does not need a very technical bike. Rather, they need comfortable equipment.









The flywheel

This is a critical component in choosing an exercise bike. The heavier the weight, the smoother the pedaling. This great fluidity will require significant effort and energy expenditure from the user, which is why we recommend this type of bike to athletes who do physical preparation. Thus, professional cyclists preparing for the Tour de France will train with an exercise bike equipped with a 22kg flywheel. Athletes who do not use their equipment only occasionally can be satisfied with an 18kg flywheel equipment. Fans also have multiple choices from 12kg. Of course, there are other models on the market depending on the flywheel weight preference; the choice depends mainly on the objectives of the user.

The question of durability and robustness will nevertheless have to be addressed, no matter what your usage habits are. A high-end bike won’t squeak despite heavy use, so pay special attention to the life of your device.

The type of resistance

Resistance is also a key element in choosing an exercise bike. You have two choices of resistances: magnetic adjustment and mechanical adjustment. The former has the advantage of being fully automated and is adjustable from the device’s console. Among other things, it allows for a silent and frictionless braking system. Note also that the user can change the level of difficulty of pedaling as they wish and according to their goals directly via the instrument panel of their device. This is not the case for a mechanically adjustable bicycle. On this, you will have to manually adjust the bike. A wheel-operated system adjusts the resistance force. This is the ideal type of bike for average riders who don’t exercise on their bikes every day.

The handlebars and the saddle

The handlebars and saddle of your exercise bike must be adjustable. Choose a handlebar that is not frozen so you can adjust it for height, forward or back. This type of material will prevent back pain. Same principle for the saddle. It should be comfortable and adjustable. You should then be able to adjust it in height and depth.


A good exercise bike should have toe clips on the pedals. Otherwise, you risk slipping your feet during your workouts. Also, without these accessories, you won’t be able to concentrate all of your force on pedaling for safety’s sake.

The maximum weight supported

This detail should not be taken lightly to avoid unpleasant surprises. You have several models of exercise bike that can support different weights ranging from 100kg, 130kg, 150kg, etc.

The console

The console can be more or less sophisticated depending on the type of model chosen. This device allows you to follow the progress of your training. Some bicycle models are equipped with a connected console allowing easier and more advanced handling. This type of console expands the user’s options by allowing them to add as much exercise as they need to the memory of their bike.

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