VISION Fitness T600 Treadmill

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Our advanced T600 treadmill combines performance, durability and contemporary style to elevate the exercise experience. A powerful motor and an extra-larger running surface accommodate hard workouts, and heavy-duty components stand up to the toughest environments for years. Perhaps best of all, the refined styling of the frame and console will make the T600 an attention-grabbing highlight of your fitness offering.

Powerful, Reliable & Responsive
A powerful, reliable 4.2 HP AC Dynamic Response Drive system stays in rhythm with every step, even during the most intense runs.

A bright white LED console provides easy-to-read workout feedback to keep users on track for their goals.




More Room To Run

An expanded 152 x 55.4 cm / 60″ x 22″ running surface lets exercise enthusiasts of all kinds sprint comfortably.






Exercise Variety

Nine preset workout programs — including heart rate training — keep every exercise experience fresh and challenging.






Durability of Design

A heavy-gauge welded steel frame provides excellent stability during hard runs and durability that withstands years.






Heart Rate Tracking

Conveniently positioned contact grips and a built-in wireless receiver offer easy heart rate tracking (chest strap not included).




A Better Deck

Our fully pre-waxed, industrial-grade deck is cushioned for comfort and reversible to extend treadmill life.


Detailed Specs Vision Fitness
Frame Type: la norme
Drive Motor: Système d’entraînement à réponse dynamique CA de 4,2 CV
Incline Range: 0 – 15%
Running Area: 152 x 55.4 cm / 60″ x 22″
Speed Range: 0.8–22 km/h / 0.5–13.8 mph (220v) or 0.8–19.3 km/h / 0.5–12 mph (100–120v)
Cushioning: Système d’amorti UltraZone
Console Display: Affichage de profil à LED à matrice de points 10 x 14 blanches, LED alphanumériques, affichage de la zone HR
Programs: Manuel, intervalle, objectif de temps, distance, objectif, objectif de calories, aléatoire, FC cible, perte de poids, test de fitness
User Capacity: 182 kg / 400 lbs.
Electrical Requirements: 220v / 50–60HZ or 100–120v
Warranty | Labor: Garantie à domicile – Main-d’oeuvre 2 ans
Warranty | Parts: Garantie à domicile – Pièces 7 ans | Garantie commerciale légère – Pièces 5 ans
Warranty | Motor: Garantie commerciale légère – Moteur 5 ans
Warranty | Frame: Garantie à la maison | Garantie commerciale légère – Durée de vie du cadre
Assembled Height: 215 x 91 x 154 cm / 85″ x 36″ x 61″
Assembled Width: 215 x 91 x 154 cm / 85″ x 36″ x 61″
Assembled Length: 215 x 91 x 154 cm / 85″ x 36″ x 61″
Assembled Weight: 178 kg / 392 lbs.
Treadmill Usage: Marche, marche rapide, jogging, course légère, course lourde, utilisateurs multiples


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