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Synergee Adjustable Incline/Decline Bench


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Synergee Adjustable Incline Bench

The Synergee Incline Bench was made with painstaking attention to detail and meticulously designed to bring your training to a whole ’nother level. Actually, if we’re being exact, it will bring your workout to 9 different levels using the adjustable back and 3 different levels with the seat!

Our Bench is made with an impressive foot print of 47″ x 22″ to accommodate every lifter, from short to tall! It is easy to adjust and provides numerous positions to help you hit every specific muscle you need to train!

The Synergee Adjustable Bench is easy to put together. It comes in 5 pieces and includes all the hardware and tools needed for assembly. Each piece is made with high quality steel that is strong and dependable; and the lack of small, finicky components leaves less room for error and provides you with a sturdy, stable, dependable bench. Lift with confidents knowing it will endure the weight of you and your heavy sets, rep after rep!

Our Bench pairs this unwavering support with exquisite comfort. The Synergee Bench is fitted with High Density Foam encased in diamond-emblazoned black fabric that helps wick away sweat, keep you comfy, and it looks totally awesome.

Storing and maneuvering your bench is a breeze with the handle, wheels and adjustable positions. No more awkward carrying; just bad@$$ benching. Perfect for any home, garage, or commercial gym!

Adjustable Incline Bench Guide

Color Black
Foot Print (L x W) 47″x22″
Pad Thickness 2.5″
Max Capacity 1,000lb



Isolate those bis, tris, pecs, and lats by adjusting the bench to the exact degree you need! With 27 different position options you can easily get yourself in the right spot to hit the exact muscle you want to work!





The Synergee Adjustable Bench is made from Steel and constructed with superior materials to ensure you are provided with the strongest, sturdiest, most dependable support during your heaviest reps.





Our Synergee Adjustable Bench is easy to build to get you lifting in time for Arm & Chest Day. Each bench comes with 5 large pieces to assemble, plus all the nuts, bolts, washers, Allen keys, wrenches, and a manual to tell you how to put it all together!




Adjustable Incline Bench Specs

Brand Synergee
Max Capacity 1,000lb
Color Black
Foot Print
(L x W)
Pad Thickness 2.5″
Steel 11 Gauge Steel
Weight 60lb


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