Skillrow Rowing Machine – Refurbished




Skillrow is an indoor rowing machine that can be used by individuals or groups for cardio and strength training. It was designed with input from rowing champions, coaches, and research institutes, and is fully connected to offer a personalized workout experience.

Skillrow uses Aquafeel technology to recreate the feeling of rowing on water, providing a smoother and more fluid motion than other rowing machines. Users can also participate in Skillrow Class, where they can race individually or in teams and simulate rowing on water with synchronized movements.

Multidrive technology allows users to switch between cardiovascular and strength training by simply adjusting the resistance level. Skillrow also has an app that provides access to programs based on TNT-Technogym Neuromuscular Training and allows users to track their progress and compete with others.

Skillrow is designed to be comfortable and easy to use at home, with accessible settings and the ability to quickly dismantle into two parts for storage or transportation.

Cardio and power in one stroke

The Multidrive Technology™ enables you to select the rowing mode for a cardiovascular workout or the power mode with added resistance to perform power-specific exercises and simulate rowing with additional load.

Experience the unique feel of rowing on water

Follow the natural curve of the stroke in the water with Aquafeel™. The resistance gradually increases in a fluid and safe movement to avoid a backlash effect on the lower back.


Rowing gets connected

Connect your mobile and dive straight into the action. Pick a challenge, train with the best and get real-time feedback on your performance metrics. Everything you need to train like a champion is in your Skillrow® app.

Ready-made Programs

Choose from goal-oriented (time, distance, calories, and repetitions), interval training, and TNT™ programs developed by exercise professionals.

Results Summary

Monitor performance and progress through a detailed post-training summary of results.

King of the rowing studio

Powerful alone, even more in a group. Organize exciting rowing classes in your fitness center and get people racing till the finish line, or combine it with other pieces in the Skill line to deliver the high performance experiences of the SkillX Class.


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