Grey, Blue, Red, Yello 100ft2 roll (25′ x 4′) Tile 6′ X 4′


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Premium rubber coating for extreme environments

Nnon-porous rubber flooring system specifically designed for high traffic and stressed interior spaces, such as arenas and fitness centers. With its extremely durable, non-slip finish and elastic properties, resists abrasion and damage from equipment such as ice skate blades, free weights and weight plates making it an excellent solution. for ice rink perimeters and fitness gyms as well as hallways, lobbies and locker rooms.

In addition, it does not contain any smell of recycled rubber and its opaque color, dotted with colored accents, adapts to various decorative requirements. It is possible to multiply the options by combining the different colors offered to create a layout with a strong impact and visual appeal.

An innovative manufacturing process

Made in Italy, the rubber coating system is obtained by an innovative vulcanization process that fuses two layers into a homogeneous whole, increasing its density and stability. In addition, its surface has been treated against UV rays, which allows it to repel dirt and impurities. The result is a high quality sport floor with a lightly hammered texture that is easy to maintain.

Its dense and compact surface provides floors with greater durability in conditions of excessive use. The underlay is also designed specifically for areas with very harsh conditions.

Ideal applications

Ideal for arenas and training centers

In arenas , application areas include:

  • Perimeters of ice rinks
  • Access to the ice rink
  • Pro shop
  • Cloakrooms
  • corridors
  • Entrance halls

In training centers , areas of application include:

  • Space for training machines
  • Free weight zone
  • Functional fitness area
  • Cloakrooms
  • corridors
  • Entrance halls

Features & Benefits

  • Resistance to skate blades and heavy weights
  • Highly secure non-slip surface
  • Ultra-durable, abrasion-resistant finish
  • Resilient rubber that absorbs shock
  • Elastic properties providing superior acoustic soundproofing
  • Naturally anti-static which protects against electric shocks
  • Easy maintenance thanks to its non-porous surface
  • No recycled rubber smell
  • No need for stripping or waxing
  • Possibility of installing it on an existing floor (also serves to protect it)
  • Large choice of colors for a strong visual impact

Additional information

Sélection des couleurs

100ft2 roll (25’ x 4’) Gris, 100ft2 roll (25’ x 4’) Bleu, 100ft2 roll (25’ x 4’) Terracotta, 100ft2 roll (25’ x 4’) Corn, Tuile 6’ X 4’ Gris, Tuile 6’ X 4’ Bleu, Tuile 6’ X 4’ Terracotta, Tuile 6’ X 4’Corn