Gym Equipment Montreal: Best Exercise Equipment Store in Quebec

Gym Equipment Montreal:

When it comes to health and fitness we all deserve to get the best results, of course using the best equipment that comes at the best price.

Investing in one’s health or your family’s, clients’, employees, or trainees, is worth the value of your money when you get it from the best gym equipment supplier.

Fitness need not be expensive. Finding good quality gym equipment Montreal at a reasonable price is not impossible. Believe it or not, Montreal has the best exercise equipment store in Quebec.

The best gym equipment Montreal store offers a wide range of selection and variety of machines for inexperienced to expert users.

They don’t only offer gym equipment, but also essential accessories and many other fitness gear for your purpose.

Fitness A Rabais, gym equipment Montreal is the best exercise equipment store there can be in Quebec. The fitness store has a lot to provide from brand new, remanufactured, reconditioned, and used gym equipment and accessories.

Having gym equipment to assist in indoor or outdoor exercises is essential especially at these times when good health is very important.

The store has brand new gym equipment available for any kind of fitness procedure. The machines are good for personal or home use, office use, for private, public, or commercial gyms, hotels, and condominiums.

Gym Equipment Montreal, Fitness A Rabais, is the best go to exercise equipment store in Quebec for individuals, fitness trainers, athletes, businesses, and commercial gym owners.

Équipement de Gymnastique Neuf à Vendre à Montréal

Brand New Gym Equipment For Sale in Montreal City


A treadmill is good equipment for walking, jogging, and running cardio workouts, low impact, exercise, cooling down, and general weight management.

The types of manual and with console treadmills available are commercial treadmill, curve treadmill, folding treadmill, and non-folding.

Stationary Exercise Bikes

Stationary exercise bikes are best for indoor exercising especially when the weather isn’t good for being active outdoors.

It is also good for cardio, cool down, weight management, and very low impact cycling. Stationary bikes vary from recumbent to upright.

Elliptical Trainer

With elliptical trainers the benefits are endless. This equipment is great for training, losing weight, and burning fats.

These machines are good additions to your home workout machines or commercial establishment.

Rowing Machines

Row indoors with this exercise machine. Utilizing a rowing machine has numerous health benefits. It is good for the heart and lung health.

Rowing can also combine with meditation for relaxation. It strengthens and helps build endurance.

Spinning Bike

For those who love cycling and the benefits from the exercise, spinning bikes are great machines to have.

It is easy to use for a total fitness workout. It makes low impact cardiovascular exercise possible indoors.


Multi-station gym equipment is one piece of machine for strength training which enables multiple exercise performance. It is a many in one workout equipment.

Choose a single user and multi-user Multi-station from gym equipment Montreal.

Workstation Active Fitness Office

With Workstation Active Fitness Office exercise equipment, exercising is not impossible while doing your work on your desk or computer. This equipment is great for home and office use to promote an active lifestyle and avoid health risks.

Commercial Fitness Equipment

Only the best brands, best price and top quality machines for your commercial equipment needs are available at Fitness À Rabais.

The Best Exercise Equipment Store in Quebec

Gym Equipment Montreal is located at exit 16 of Highway 15 in Laval. Visit Fitness À Rabais to check out the best brand new fitness equipment machines and get great value for your health and fitness investment.

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