Do you want to buy an elliptical trainer but you don’t know how to choose from our selection? Take the time to read our special report. You will find a lot of information on this sporting activity appreciated by the greatest number and we will help you to make the right choice, the one which corresponds to your needs.

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Follow our advice, you will know exactly which elliptical to choose!

Too much superfluous fat, need to sculpt your body? Try the elliptical!

Eliminate superfluous fat, work on your endurance, tone your muscles or simply maintain your shape, all gently and protecting the joints from any shock, the elliptical trainer has everything to seduce. Its success has earned it a widespread use today in fitness rooms and, more recently, at home. A real revolution in the world of cardio training.



Kettler cross Axos P

elliptique Kettler Axos

Kettler Axos P


The structure.

A solid and robust structure will bring you pleasure and comfort of use in the long term. So the more yourthe device will be heavy and the more stable it will be. However, take the time to check the maximum weight allowed on the device by the user. Also, your elliptical trainer must measure between 1 meter and 1m30 long to allow you to achieve a wide and flexible elliptical movement, for a more pleasant pedaling comfort over the distance. Thus, the taller you are, the more you should orient your choice towards a long model (greater than 1.30m long for larger sizes).

Be sure to check the wheelbase of your bike and make sure that it will find its place in your home.
Small spacing between the pedals (also known as the steps) promotes a more natural position for the body, so this is a criterion that can be taken into account when comparing different models of elliptical trainers.

Note that some models are equipped with level compensators (stabilizers) to correct unevenness in the ground and give you greater stability.

The pedaling amplitude.

The longer your machine, the greater the ‘pedaling range and the more comfortable your exercise will be.
The ellipse formed by the movement of your legs will be more or less lengthened depending on the model chosen.

Indeed, elliptical trainers with a flywheel located at the rear offer a more circular stride. The weight transfer from one leg to the other will therefore be greater for less muscular effort and a faster rotation speed of the wheel. This type of model is therefore recommended for weight loss.

On the contrary, a flywheel located at the front allows a flatter stride. The muscles are thus used more and the speed of rotation slower. these models of bikes are thus intended for muscle strengthening.

The distance between the pedals.

For a fluid training and a natural and flexible movement of the hips, opt for the distance between the pedals as small as possible and therefore better suited to the width of your pelvis.

The flywheel.

The flywheel is truly the cornerstone of your elliptical trainer. It guarantees the fluidity of your movements and your pedaling comfort. As explained above, the heavier it is, the better your comfort will be during the exercise.

– For occasional use of your elliptical trainer, we therefore recommend that you opt for a bike with a flywheel of at least 7kg.

– For more regular or even daily use, a flywheel of at least 20kg will be more suitable.
It will allow you to climb at your discretion in difficulty during your sessions and thus to better work your cardio-respiratory capacities.

For certain models, you will also find an indication on the transmission ratio . This indicates the number of revolutions made by the flywheel of your elliptical cross trainer for one revolution of the pedal (RPM). Thus, the lower this ratio, the better your pedaling comfort will be.

Note: the weight of the inertia wheel must be dissociated from the inertia mass . Indeed, the inertia mass includes the weight of the inertia wheel but also all the mechanism associated with this wheel (the mass is therefore greater than the weight). So be sure to take the same characteristics when comparing several models.

The braking system.

There are mainly two braking systems: magnetic braking and electromagnetic braking. The choice of system will influence the fluidity and comfort of pedaling.

Magnetic braking consists in braking the inertia wheel by means of several magnets which will come together. This action can be done manually, by wheel, or motorized, directly from the console for more precise control. Ideal system for occasional or even regular use, it will satisfy beginners of all ages.

Comfort of use.


Not all elliptical trainer models have the same comfort criteria, so it is important for you to determine which ones you think are essential for your goals.

So remember to check:

– the presence or not of transport wheels , they will help you in the storage of your equipment,
– if your elliptical trainer has stabilizers to guarantee better stability,
– if your model is foldable to reduce its size and facilitate its storage.



There are currently two types of handlebars on the market which can be complementary: fixed or mobile.
The fixed handlebar allows the user to concentrate his efforts on the lower part of the body.

The so-called mobile handlebar consists of two large arms that can move back and forth. In addition to the legs and the abdominal belt, it allows to work the muscles of the back, arms and shoulders.

Note, however, that many models have both types of handlebars for a complete and more harmonious work of the body.

The pulse outlet.

Although not all models are equipped with it, we strongly recommend that you opt for a bike equipped with a heart rate monitoring system (heart rate monitor), such as the Unix PX model from Kettler for example. These heart sensors are usually placed on the fixed handlebars or along the movable arms. They will allow you to optimize your session by offering you the possibility to follow your progress in real time or by giving you an estimate of the number of calories burned according to your age.

Above all, the heart rate monitor will allow you to work on a specific goal of your training (endurance, weight loss, muscle building) by indicating to you in particular if you are in a target zone of optimal heart intensity.

Manual magnetic brake system


Motorized magnetic brake system


Electromagnetic braking

In this case, the braking resistor is provided by an electromagnet (coil carrying a current controlled from the dashboard to produce a magnetic field). Braking is thus particularly precise and silent, for optimal pedaling comfort.


In all three cases, note that there will be no need for maintenance since there is no friction between the elements of the chosen braking mechanism.

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