Spinning® Bike

It all starts with a good Spinning bike.

Bikes sold by Fitness a rabais are designed to provide the best cycling experience you have ever dreamed of. All models have numerous adjustments to ensure a comfortable and easy fit. The flywheel gives riders the feeling of an outdoor bike. Our Spinning bike models are chosen by the owner to ensure their reliability and durability.

The indoor exercise bike is suitable for regular or experienced athletes! The most important thing is to gain weight to be in the right position on your fitness bike! On this indoor bike, you put more strain on your posterior chain (glutes, lower back, hamstrings and calves) than on a regular exercise bike. Pedaling is primarily used for muscle building but can also be used to lose weight.

The Indoor Bike for Road Bike Enthusiasts

The magnetic braking system, by friction or by pad is the most faithful to the Spinning bike! An indoor bike with such braking is often easy to use and very robust! They are packed with the most important features on a bike and get straight to the point! The computer shows you in real time your progress with your distance covered, heart rate and many other data.

Whether for intensive use or regular use, you will easily find on which model to ride a bike to complete your training! It is an ideal bike for effective physical preparation, improving endurance and building more muscle in the lower limbs.

The Indoor Bike for Regulars at Gyms

In your gym, you’re used to turning fat into muscle mass without realizing it! The lessons and the coaches are always fun and motivating! But how do you make the sessions so motivating in your home gym?

Major brands such as Nordictrack, Proform, Matrix, Sunnyhealth, Spinning or our house brand offer indoor cycling to strengthen the legs! A large number of programs can be found on certain models to diversify your cardio training!

Upright stationary bike
Recumbent stationary bike
Used or rebuilt commercial Spinning bike
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