Allowing you to perform all bodybuilding movements it is an all-in-one exercise tool. This fitness machine is a great fitness investment to add in your home or commercial establishment.

Brief information about the Smith Machine

The Smith Machine can be composed of a guided load to work your pectorals, a pull-up bar for your back, a leg extension for the quadriceps, a desk to biceps or pulleys to perform back pulls or strengthen your abdominals. The Squat Smith Machine allows you to perform squats on a guided movement. Incorporating a squat cage is the best solution to train safely and handle heavy loads. To achieve squats and split squats with added stability and safety throughout the workout it is a good decision to use a Smith Machine.

Health Benefits of Using a Smith Machine

  • Improve Body Stability and Balance
  • Better Body Form & Posture
  • Muscle Building
  • Enhance Physical Strength

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