Refurbished Commercial Spinning Bike

If you’re in the market for a spin bike, you may be wondering whether to buy a brand new one or opt for a used or refurbished commercial spinning bike. While both options have their pros and cons, there are some key differences to consider. In this article, we’ll explore what used and refurbished commercial spinning bikes are, how they work, their health benefits, where to buy them, and what kind of spin bike you should buy.

What is a refurbished commercial spinning bike?

A refurbished commercial spinning bike is a bike that has been previously owned and used in a commercial gym or fitness center. These bikes are then sold to a refurbishing company that restores them to their original condition or better.

How does a commercial spinning bike work?

A commercial spinning bike is designed to simulate the experience of riding a road bike indoors. It features a weighted flywheel that creates resistance, a chain or belt drive system that transfers power from the pedals to the flywheel, and an adjustable seat and handlebars to accommodate different rider heights and positions.

Difference Between a Spin Bike & Stationary Bike

Spin bikes and stationary bikes are two common types of indoor exercise bikes. While they both provide cardiovascular workouts, they differ in several ways.


  1. Flywheel: Spin bikes have a heavier flywheel, typically around 40 pounds, which creates more resistance and a smoother ride. Stationary bikes have a lighter flywheel, usually around 20 pounds, which offers less resistance and a less smooth ride.
  2. Handlebars: Spin bikes have handlebars that are positioned lower and closer to the seat, allowing riders to lean forward and simulate an outdoor cycling experience. Stationary bikes have handlebars that are positioned higher and farther from the seat, promoting an upright riding position.
  3. Pedals: Spin bikes have pedals with toe cages or clip-in options, which allow riders to pull up on the pedals as well as push down. Stationary bikes usually have pedals with only a toe strap.

Pros and Cons

Spin Bike


  • High-intensity workouts
  • Simulates outdoor cycling
  • Provides full-body workout
  • Heavy flywheel offers smooth ride


  • Can be more expensive
  • Not suitable for all fitness levels
  • Uncomfortable seat for some

Stationary Bike


  • Low-impact exercise
  • Suitable for all fitness levels
  • Comfortable seat
  • Lightweight and compact design


  • Limited workout intensity
  • Less realistic cycling experience
  • Less variety in workouts

The choice between a spin bike and a stationary bike comes down to personal preference and fitness goals. Those looking for high-intensity workouts and a more realistic cycling experience may prefer a spin bike, while those seeking a low-impact, beginner-friendly workout may opt for a stationary bike.

Health Benefits of Using a Commercial Spinning Bike

  • Burn calories and fat
  • Build leg muscles
  • Improve cardiovascular health
  • Low-impact workout that is easy on joints
  • Boost mental health and mood

Where to Buy Refurbished Commercial Spin Bikes

If you’re looking to buy refurbished commercial spin bikes, one great option is to visit fitness equipment stores in your area.

You can also find them for sale from online retailers or directly from refurbishing companies.

It’s important to do your research and buy from a reputable source that offers a warranty or guarantee on the equipment.

You can also purchase refurbished commercial spin bikes from our store. We offer a wide selection of high-quality refurbished commercial spin bikes at competitive prices. Our knowledgeable specialists are also available to assist you in finding the best equipment to fit your specific needs.

What Kind of Spin Bike Should You Buy?

When considering what kind of spin bike to buy, it’s important to consider your budget, goals, and level of experience.

If you’re a beginner, a refurbished commercial spinning bike may be a more affordable option to start with.

If you’re an experienced cyclist or plan to use the bike frequently, a brand new commercial spinning bike may be a better investment for its durability and advanced features.

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