Olympique Bumper Plate Set

Can’t get enough with barbells and dumbells? Try our olympique bumper plate set to come up with a bar with your desired weight! Or just simply lift a weight plate to add weights on your daily exercise!

Like barbells and dumbbells, weight plates are excellent equipment for your body goals. They are flexible equipment. To some, they are only limited to lifting exercise. But actually, they’re not. 

Fabulous 10 Exercises you can do with your set of Weight Plates

Have a healthy lifestyle with just a set of weight plates. Use them in the following exercise:

  1. Plank Plate Switch
  2. Plate Push-Ups
  3. Front Shoulder Raise
  4. Lateral Raise
  5. Halo
  6. Chest Squeeze Press
  7. Squat Press
  8. Squat Reach
  9. Side Blend
  10. Overhead Press

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