It has a modern concave shape. This running equipment is powered by the legs.

The indoor running experience using this fitness machine is similar to running outdoors where electricity is not needed and your run depends on the speed you create.

The surface of the device is curved and slatted. Running on this machine, the body is pushed forward and the treadmill belt is being propelled by the feet.

Brief Information about Curve Air Runner Treadmill

Purposeful and natural exercise can be attained with the Curve Air Runner Treadmill.

This kind of treadmill is self-powered and encourages the body to create natural motions. It is perfect for sprint training and HIIT workout.

For a more natural pace in walking, jogging, or running this equipment is the best option.

Health Benefits of Curve Air Runner Treadmill

  • Burn Calories
  • Boost Endurance
  • Workout Muscle Groups
  • Improve Body Form
  • Enhanced mental & Emotional Health

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